N2 Thrive Logo Redesign

This logo is a redesign of the organization N2 Thrive’s current logo. The design was to emphasize the friendly social nature of the organization and its slogan.

Acres of Art Auction Tickets

I designed these tickets for a non-profit art auction. I included all pertinent information to help the recipient remember the date, time, and cost of the event as well as their table number for the event.

Ethyl’s Smoke House and Saloon Menu Redesign

Ethyl’s has swapped a lot of hands over the years and has morphed into an odd amalgamation of restaurants as a result. Ethyl’s also has three separate menus depending on where you decide to eat in the restaurant. They all have the same meals listed, but have wildly different designs.

Due to these conflicting styles in theme, food, and audience appeal I left as much of the menu as I could with straight lined, sans-serif fonts and minimal colors. By leaving the page minimal in design I was hoping to create a smaller, more appealing menu that could be used in all parts of the restaurant. I chose not to use images on this menu to enhance the minimalist style but also because of the food style at Ethyl’s. As much of Ethyl’s food is shredded and covered in BBQ sauce I had difficulty finding appealing images from the restaurant itself. Ethyl’s current menus also don’t use any images of food from the restaurant, even on their website, so I thought leaving all the images out to reduce clutter might appeal more to the owners of Ethyl’s.

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