For my capstone project, I chose to the non-profit animal shelter, Five Acres Animal Shelter as my topic. More specifically, I chose to work on the volunteer portion of the organization. My goal was to create a brand for the volunteers to identify with and help them with their endeavors in securing homes and donations for the animals they help care for.

Feline House Artwork

A series of 3 low-poly cat portraits, inspired by cats available for adoption at Five Acres Animal Shelter. I designed these pieces to be printed on canvas and sold at the shelter’s volunteer gift shop. I designed these graphics so that they can be resized to fit the desired use. For example, they could be sized for use on mouse pads, phone accessories, posters, or t-shirts.

Canine Artwork

I designed these pieces to be sold as 11X17 posters at the shelter’s volunteer gift shop. As such I aimed to create a series that could be bought both individually or together depending on how the customer desired to have them displayed. These graphics can be resized however, and used on a variety of items such as mugs or t-shirts in order to increase their value & versatility.

Slogan Sticker

This is a bumper sticker/magnet designed to also be sold within the volunteers gift shop to help with donations. Aside from increasing the profits of the gift shop, the bumper sticker would also increase awareness of the shelter by simply being placed on vehicles.


I designed this brochure for the shelter as a multipurpose informational piece. It contains information on how and what to donate to the shelter as well as how to begin the process of registering as a volunteer. I left the layout simple so that the information could be easily altered as needed frr different content if desired.


I Designed these logos for both of the volunteer programs at Five Acres Animal Shelter. The goal was to create two logos that were distinct enough to be recognized as Five Acres property but also capable of standing as individual pieces.

Five Acres Volunteer Handbook App

To help the shelter volunteers stay aware of safety guidelines and procedures, I created this app. The shelter has a large community of senior volunteers who are not as tech savvy as a younger generation. To cater to this audience I used large fonts and simple colors as well as clearly labeled home and back buttons to make navigation easier to an older clientele.

The Shelter wanted to ensure that the app was something only they could easily provide access to for their volunteers. The app can be downloaded via the QR code above which can be printed and placed in multiple locations around the shelter as needed.

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