3DS Max

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Scene

I focused on custom object creation and material editing with this project. I created over 20 custom objects using various tools and modifiers in 3DS Max. I also applied several materials to these objects using bitmap to improve my skills at rendering more believable scenes.

Living Room Scene

This was a test of my spatial and sizing ability in 3Ds Max. I designed each piece of furniture with to-scale measurements in comparison to each other. I also worked on object edges for a more natural appearance as well as compound objects.

Pig Keychain

This particular project is a wearable. I focused on the durability aspects of each object as key chains are put through a lot of stress during regular use.


This design allowed me to perfect my methods for joining 3d objects together. I was able to create circular joints on each fin and around the base of the rocket that allow it to be taken apart and put together repeatedly.


For this design it was essential to ensure that the sizing and location of objects was precise. Without precision the design would not stand on it’s own and be more fragile if measurements were not carefully evaluated.

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